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Budget Financial Horizons will always be on your side and protect your information from bots and spammers.  

"Everyone knows the attainment of true wealth will bring you satisfaction and happiness at any age. Financial prosperity is freedom to pursue your passions and enjoyments, whatever they may be." Let us help you move toward that great feeling of having more choices.

Now's also a good time to review the four types of asset classes in order of desirability:

1.) investment (income and appreciation);

2.) intrinsic (wealth preservation and gains);

3.) speculative (gambling with downside hedging);

4.) utility (consumption).

Just to complete the picture, we also know that on the liability side compounded interest is the most powerful component of any debt and works against us.

Business Hours:

24/7 from any Internet device

We never close.


215 Lago Cir Apt 204

W. Melbourne, FL 32904

Phone: (321)458-4920

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